I’m Rocío, which means Dew…

I love what I do, I do what I love!

I am the founder and creator of the OCOCO brand. Now a mother of three, I have a wonderful husband and a job I love. My adventure began with my first pregnancy when I found out I had a magnesium deficiency which gave me terrible cramps. However, drinking coconut water helped me to prevent muscle cramping.
Then in 2010, OCOCO was born. I was walking through the streets of Trastevere, in Rome, carrying my newborn son Nick on top of the pram and the boxes of OCOCO underneath. In order to show what’s all about the hype of coconut water, I gave them to shops, bars and gyms to try.

It was not just about selling coconut water, I chose the quality and authenticity of 100% natural coconut water with one single ingredient: Organic and Fair Trade. OCOCO is more energising than a banana, more detoxifying than a pineapple, more thirst-quenching than a lime and an exotic nectar of well-being.

We are a team of women what I have always wanted – a big family without giving up work. Our project mission is to “drink differently”. It’s a challenge to be able to feel satisfied as an independent woman, mother and entrepreneur. OCOCO gave me all this and after all these years the feeling of becoming a successful women entrepreneur and being around my family made me increasingly stronger.  

The story is just beginning…Do you want to know more? write to me ciao@ococo.eu and share your story



The power of a single ingredient

Organic for you, fair for them…


A wave of tropical energy

Comes with a fresh and delicate taste, ideal for quenching your thirst,
excellent for restoring the hydration and energy in our body.